Sayed Kashua Forever Scared

  • בימוי: Dorit Zimbalist
  • הפקה: Barak Heymann
  • צילום: Evyatar Levy, Dorit Zimbalist
  • עריכה: Bat Sheva Jancu
  • מוזיקה מקורית: Ophir Leibovitch
  • שפה: Arabic, Hebrew
  • שפת תרגום: English

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IDFA Palm Beach International Film Festival
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Israel Global Peace Film Festival
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Montana, USA Faito Doc Festival
Monte Faito, Italy Isratim Film Festival
France The Reel Israel, Films &Conversation, Cleveland, USA Caracas International Jewish Film Festival Toronto Jewish Film Festival Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival
UK Jewish Film Festival
Israfest LA Film Festival San Francisco Jewish FilmFestival Berlin Jewish Film Festival
Jewish Motifs Festival, Poland World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies, Barcelona, Spain, 2010

יצירת קשר: Heymann Brothers Films

"I'm scared of cars, of dogs, of snakes; I'm scared of airplanes, helicopters, tanks and soldiers. I'm scared of terrorist attacks. I'm scared of Jews, I'm scared of Arabs, I'm scared that some day, they'll put us in refugee camps" (Sayed Kashua, Haaretz, 2002).
Sayed Kashua always feels he doesn't belong. The Jews don't like him because he's an Arab. The Arabs don't like him because he's successful. The Arabs think he's a collaborator. The Jews think he's a drunk. He's always viewed as an Other, and he's always scared. Sayed Kashua – Forever Scared accompanies Kashua, an Israeli-Arab author and scriptwriter, for seven years through the upheavals and events that change his life. This is an intimate yet political portrait of a writer and publicist who is also a loving husband and father of two. His family pays a heavy price for the choices he makes and the perpetual wandering from place to place, from nation to nation, belonging neither here nor there.

Israel 2007, 52 דקות

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