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צילום: Itzik Portal
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In Secret

  • בימוי: Lina Chaplin
  • הפקה: Daniela Reiss Razon
  • צילום: Itzik Portal
  • עריכה: Bracha Zisman Cohen
  • תסריט: Lina Chaplin/ Bracha Zisman Cohen
  • תחקיר: Aharon traitel/ Daniela Reiss Razon
  • הקלטה: Hezi Davidyan
  • מוזיקה מקורית: Didi Erez
  • עיצוב פס-קול: Rotem Dror
  • שפה: Hebrew
  • שפת תרגום: Hebrew/ English

גופים תומכים / גוף שידור

  • Kan 11
  • Gesher Foundation

השתתפות בפסטיבלים

  • Haifa Festival 2020


יצירת קשר: Ruth Films

"Anusim" – They are everywhere – ultra-Orthodox Jews. They cannot be identified. Within them there is a struggle between the inner truth and the outside world. How did they become “Anusim”? Why are they and not others? The common furrow is a basic requirement in Orthodox society. You have to be ‘someone’ to take a step that takes you out of the furrow you were born into. Anusim are talented people, often with a rebellious personality. Years of research often make us indifferent to human encounters, not in this case.

Israel 2020, 54 דקות

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