Girls in the net

  • בימוי: Esti Eini Holland
  • הפקה: Esti Eini Holland
  • צילום: Esti Eini Holland
  • עריכה: Esti Eini Holland
  • תסריט: Esti Eini Holland
  • תחקיר: Esti Eini Holland
  • הקלטה: Esti Eini Holland
  • שפת תרגום: Hebrew

יצירת קשר: Esti Eini Holland

gI accompanied a group of girls playing throwball in a premiere league. They face many challenges: They have training twice a week and a game once a week. How do their mates react? Some give them credit for it but some use a different attitude. How do the children react when their mother does not behave like other mothers? . I documented what happened inside their homes. I also wanted to check out how a man trainer treats the women. What does he think and how do they react to it? And what being together means for them?

Please choose... 2015

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