Eighty Kmp on the Road, My Love & I

  • בימוי: Hagar Kot
  • הפקה: Hagar Kot
  • צילום: Philip Balaish, Dror More
  • עריכה: Sara Shalomon
  • תסריט: Hagar Kot
  • מוזיקה מקורית: DJ-E
  • שפה: hebrew
  • שפת תרגום: hebrew

גופים תומכים / גוף שידור

  • The New Foundation for Cinema & TV
  • The Ministry of Education
  • The Gesher Multi-Cultural Film Fund
  • IBA – Israeli Broadcasting Authority
  • NIK MEDIA, The Jewish Channel - The Netherlands

השתתפות בפסטיבלים

  • Haifa Festival 2006
  • Rosh-Pina Festival 2006 – Israel


יצירת קשר: Hagar Kot

Moti Eliyahu, a truck driver, 40, has been driving huge trucks for 20 years, and "plows" the country's roads from Eilat to the north. Moti lives in the caboose. His day begins at 3 am, when he goes up to the cabin and ends at night after "grinding" 800 kilometers. These are days of crises and cuts, truck drivers are losing their trucks to banks, blocking roads, closing ports, shutting down the industry and dreaming of a real union. Rough and ”mythological” masculinity of truck drivers with moments of brotherhood that stems from human love and love of the road.

Israel 2006, 64 דקות

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