DOLL Why Did You Dance Naked

  • בימוי: Zohar Wagner
  • הפקה: Zohar Wagner
  • צילום: Zohar Wagner
  • עריכה: Tal Rabiner
  • שפה: Hebrew
  • שפת תרגום: Hebrew

: On her third self-revealing documentary film, Zohar Wagner returns to her wild past as a stripper in New York and discloses a complicated tale of repression and denial. One day, her fiancé finds a bunch of old tapes. The tapes' content reveals her past as a club stripper in her 20s, and undermines her man's trust in her. The dispute around the video footage leads Wagner on a deeply emotional quest, seeking out her memories and those who were her companions during this hectic period. With their help she uncovers the ways in which her repression mechanism has led…

Israel 2012, 58 דקות

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