Divorce Denied

  • בימוי: David Ofek, Mia Webb
  • הפקה: Osnat Trabelsi
  • צילום: Dror Lebendiger
  • עריכה: Ido Bahat
  • תסריט: David Ofek, Mia Webb
  • מוזיקה מקורית: Ellyot
  • עיצוב פס-קול: Rotem Dror
  • שפה: Hebrew
  • שפת תרגום: English

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השתתפות בפסטיבלים

Docaviv Galil 2019
Jerusalen Jewish Film Festival 2019

יצירת קשר: Trabelsi productions

Sarah has been refused a divorce for two years, Noa has been waiting for three years, and Oshrat for nine years. The freedom of these women and hundreds more in Israel is in the hands of their husbands and the rabbinic courts. According to Jewish religious law, which is also the national law in Israel, only the husband has the power to grant a divorce. Women find themselves chained to their husbands against their will, even if the separation was mutual. Batya Kahana Dror is a religious woman and combative lawyer, daring to rebel against the Orthodox Jewish courts.

Israel 2019, 59 דקות

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