• בימוי: Barak Heymann, Tomer Heymann
  • הפקה: Yael Ravitz
  • צילום: Meni Elias
  • עריכה: Neta Dvorkis
  • תחקיר: Tali Shamir-Werzberger
  • מוזיקה מקורית: David Klems, Gal Toren
  • עיצוב פס-קול: Erez Einy
  • שפה: Hebrew, Amharic, Russian, French
  • שפת תרגום: English

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Filmmakers Forum Competition, Israel 2007

יצירת קשר: Heymann Brothers Films

The documentary series "Debut" ("Hofa'at Bechora") portrays the exciting journey of two youth groups from the south of Israel ("Brinks" from Netivot and "Ditora" from Kiriyat Malachi) making their first steps in the music industry and working together with Sha'anan Streett and Dudush Kalmas from the group "Hadag Nahash" on recording a first single and a common concert. Alongside the creative process and as a part of working on the songs, the main characters deal with complex issues having to do with racism, tradition and parents-children relationships. With everyday dilemmas of adolescence unravels a fascinating reality.

Israel 2007, 22 דקות

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