Dear Fredy

  • בימוי: Rubi Gat
  • הפקה: Shahar Ben Hor, Rubi Gat
  • צילום: Various
  • עריכה: Erez Laufer
  • תסריט: Rubi Gat
  • תחקיר: Rubi Gat and Lily Yudinsky
  • מוזיקה מקורית: Ido Goldberg
  • עיצוב פס-קול: Ronen Nagel
  • שפה: Hebrew English Czech
  • שפת תרגום: Hebrew Chinese (Traditional) English Czech

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IBA - Israel Broadcast Authority
Avi Chai Foundation
The Jerusalem Film and Televison Fund Claims Conference
Ghesher Multicultual Film Fund

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TLV Fest, 2017
BFI Flare-London LGBT Film Festival - March 2018 Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival, 2018
Lovers Film Festival-Turin LGBTQI Visions - April 2018 Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival - August 2018
Taiwan International Queer Film Festival - August 2018 Dayton LGBT Film Festival - October 2018
Florence Queer Festival - October 2018
Jewish International Film Festival in Australia - October 2018
Israeli Film Festival-Bratislava - October 2018
Perlen- Queer Film Festival Hannover- October 2018
UK Jewish Film Festival - November 2018
Queer Film Festival Oldenburg - November 2018 Queersicht Film Festival-Bern - November 2018
Cinema Museum in Lodz - Documentary Film Festival - November 2018
Grenoble LGBT FF France, Public award 2019
Miami Jewish Film Festival - January 2019
Palm Beach Jewish Film Festival - January 2019
U.N. office Vienna - Special screening for International Holocaust Remembrance Day - January 2019
Cincinnati Jewish & Israeli Film Festival - February 2019
Denver Jewish Film Festival - February 2019
Santa Barbara Jewish Film Festival - March 2019 Pittsburgh Jewish Film Festival - March 2019
New-York Jewish Film Festival - January 2019
Fairy Tales Queer Festival, Digital, 2020
Esslingen LGBT FF Germany Pink Apple LGBT FF Zurich Switzerland


- Houston Film Critics Society Award Grand Jury Prize Houston International LGBTQ Film Festival, 2018
- Prix du public, Public award Festival Vues d'en Face,Grenoble LGBT FF France, 2019

יצירת קשר: Docs for education

Fredy Hirsch was a German-born Jew who fled to the Czech Republic in 1935. He was a homosexual who did not hide his sexual identity. With the deportation of the Jews to Ghetto Terezin, Fredy was appointed head of the youth department and dealt with 4,000 youth. When arriving in Auschwitz, Fredy persuaded the Germans to set up a daycare center for 600 children where he granted them final moments of happiness. Fredy planned a revolt that never came to pass, following his mysterious death, which this film attempts to reveal. The film combines Interviews, archival materials and animation.

Israel 2017

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