Back to Chernobyl

  • בימוי: Roman Shumunov
  • הפקה: Ronen Machlis Balzam, Hila Guy
  • צילום: Ronen Kruk, Pavlo Lypa
  • עריכה: Roman Shumunov
  • תסריט: Simon Shechter & Yuval Haimovich Zuser
  • תחקיר: Carolina Arden Breeze, Marina Kigel
  • מוזיקה מקורית: Georgy Khimoroda, Anton Baibako
  • עיצוב פס-קול: Michael Goorevich
  • שפת תרגום: HEBREW, ENGLISH

גופים תומכים / גוף שידור

  • KAN – Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation

השתתפות בפסטיבלים

  • 2021 Future Gate Festival Czech Republic
  • 2021 Art Doc Fest Russia


Autentic Distribution, Go2 Films

Years after the disaster at the Chernobyl power plant, Liquidators return to the lost world of their past to face their memories, fears and regrets. Engineer facing a leaking nuclear reactor, a doctor who makes 36 abortions in a single night, a girl who lost her home, a soldier that learns to fight an invisible enemy and an officer in charge of the most dangerous place in the world. The film presents their story, as a mosaic of evidences with exclusive never seen before – archive footage, woven together into the bigger picture of the disaster and its consciences.

ISRAEL 2020, 52 דקות

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