צילום: David Ivry
צילום: David Ivry
צילום: David Ivry

Air Born

  • בימוי: Yoram Ivry
  • הפקה: Yoram Ivry - Cinemax Prod
  • צילום: Uriel Sinai
  • עריכה: Tor Ben-Mayor
  • תסריט: Yoram Ivry
  • תחקיר: Yoram Ivry, Reli Zuri
  • הקלטה: Amir Buberman
  • מוזיקה מקורית: Eran Weitz
  • עיצוב פס-קול: Itzik Cohen
  • שפה: Hebrew
  • שפת תרגום: Hebrew

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  • Kan 11

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יצירת קשר: Yora Ivry

"Air born" brings the story of the children who grew up in the air force bases housing projects of the 1960s and 1970s, in a civilian housing complex surrounded by a bustling military base where their fathers served. A childhood protected by a fence and a guard with an endless feeling of freedom and security, but exposed to the militaristic world, full of dramatic and tragic events that influenced the fates of the children – A childhood in the shadow of wars.

Israel 2022, 69 דקות

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